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Ta-er al-Sahfer

It means “The Canary

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(Am I the only one excited for The Flash premiere tomorrow???)

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Hi there! I was wondering what brush, and what settings for it, you use in Paint Tool SAI for your final inking? I scrolled through your blog and was unable to find any info on this, so many apologies if you've been asked this already. I normally use the Pen tool in Photoshop, but I've been on/off tinkering with SAI for a few months now hoping for a more natural look, but I'm never quite able to get my lines to work the way I want them to. Any tips would be so appreciated! :)

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply! 

I actually use a brush that charliestopit created???? I use it for more or less everything I outline that I mean to look finished and nice.


I use other brushes as well but this is the one I use for most of my outlining.

Also! I wouldn’t recommend coloring with this brush because the density and persistence aren’t 100% so you might end up seeing through it. You’ll be able to see when you use the brush what it does. It’s like magic and I love it. (This brush is AMAZING when shading just another FYI) 

tips tips tips…

Honestly, SAI is just a really phenomenal program to mess around in. The settings are really simple to tinker with and the results are always really clear to see when you change stuff around. If you’re looking for your own sort of brush for outlining - try looking into other artist’s brushes and messing around with them. A lot of artists do this already and they tweak certain parts of the brush to make it their own.

Also! I’ve recently discovered the importance of a big canvas. Draw big! Make your canvas as big as the program allows (My canvas is around 13inx13in) If you’re anything like me you’ll think “I can’t fucking draw that big are you joking” Just sketch in whatever size you fancy and enlarge it before outlining! Soooooo much easier. I tend to get really claustrophobic in my canvas so I like to draw small so I’ll have loads of space. 

Uhmmm, oh! I tend to not use the same brush for coloring as I do lining or shading??? Experiment with different brush combinations. Try searching some SAI tutorials too! The internet is the best art tool ever. 

HOPE ALL MY RAMBLINGS HELPED!!! Let me know how it goes!! 


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(How about that Arrow promo, huh? Oliver seemed a little beside himself..)

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