A happy birthday something for @EmilyBett (´∇ノ`*)ノ

(Also! If you guys haven’t already, go vote for Emily for best female break out star!)

a few selfies from my escapades on twitter today (❁´▽`❁)ノ *✲゚*


What can I say? I like masked superheroesヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

(For todays sketchdaily on twitter!)

Gosh I love arrows (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚* 

(Submitted this to Stephen’s header post on his FB page- if you like it give it a big thumbs up!)

Your art is so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing your talent :-)

Thank you so much for enjoying it!!! ♡(˘ ᵋ  ˘ )



well that escalated quickly (●´□`)♡

"Felicity, where’s my bow?" *✧₊ ԅ(ᴖ ◡ ᴖԅ) 

Damn you, tink ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)

aNOTHER! (。ヘ°)

I don’t see how thats a party… (.﹒︣︿﹒︣.)

"My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with only one goal: to save my city. But to do so, I can’t be the killer I once was. To honor my friend’s memory, I must be someone else. I must be… something else." (」゚ペ)」

You want to know what I am? I’m a survivor. ( ◉Д ◉)

B I T C H with W I F I ! (◕‿◕✿)

(●´□`) ♡ ♡ ♡